Logos & Identity Systems

Reflecting your brands identity through amazing and unique communication assets.
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Your brands identity is a powerful tool for separating it from the competition and connecting with people. When done right, your identity system is a beacon in the marketplace getting its voice heard over the crowd. We leverage this opportunity for brands providing tools that enable communication and visual continuity across transmedia experiences that clearly explain the value it brings to the table. Hire Echo Creative to produce powerful logos and other transmedia assets that tell your brands story at every consumer touchpoint. In the end, our identity systems provide brands influential sales tools ultimately enabling growth.

Common Brand Challenges

Do you face any of the following marketing challenges?

  • Creating effective visual and other identity assets that differentiate and enable growth?
  • Communicating through visual and transmedia assets a new brand position?
  • Branding your company, product, service or cause with a powerful logo and other transmedia assets?
  • Transmedia visual continuity?

Where We Can Help...

Here are a several scenarios where we can compliment your marketing efforts with this solution:

  • We produce effective and powerful logos and transmedia assets that differentiate and connect with consumers.
  • We produce transmedia assets supporting a new brand position and/or marketing initiative.
  • We modernize brands with updated visual and other transmedia assets.
Our goal is to provide powerful brand identity systems that engage and connect with consumers across transmedia experiences.


Logo Design

Hand-made logos that differentiate and rally people.

Style Guides & Brand Standards Manuals

Detailed brand standards and manuals ensuring branding consistency across all touchpoints.


Ideas that fuel amazing branded experiences

Design & Illustration

Design curated for your brand.

Naming, Taglines & Slogans

Intelligent and unique labels for brands.

Audio & Sound Design

Compelling sound design for brand marketing tools.

Iconography Design

Iconography that highlights key information about your brand.

Color Identity Design

Colors that support your brands originality and unique positioning in the marketplace.

Typography Design

Typefaces and fonts that add personality to your identity.

Pattern Design

Original pattern design to support your brand identity.

Style & Personality Defined

Defining your brands personality through transmedia assets.

Reference Work

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