Eve Events

Branding a high-end event planning company.

Eve Events creates celebrations inspired by individuality that reflect personality and visions; special events that are memorable for both their clients and their guests.

Eve Events hired Echo Creative for branding and design services. The high-end private event market is made up of consumers that are cultured with lifestyles surrounded in detail-rich environments, luxe style and the best-of amenities. To tap that market, we approached re-branding Eve Events through a lens laser focused on executing something that would talk the same language as our target audience.

When the dust settled, we unveiled a timeless identity system along with some pretty amazing communication tools.

Eve Events

Logo Design

Humbly designing for an exceptional design company.

A logo we're super proud of. This mark looks great across various channels and media applications. Specifically, we found this logo to especially shine on all of the super-exceptional promotional print pieces we were lucky enough to be able to produce.

Eve Events

Business Cards

A statment business card that engages and connects.

Business cards are typically the first touchpoint between a buyer and a seller. We believe that this touchpoint is one of the most important one's when it comes to brand introduction and critical first impressions. Meet our version of a knock-your-socks-off first impression.

Eve Events Business Cards
Eve Events Business Cards
Eve Events Foyer Design
Eve Events

Foyer Design

A beautiful branded "Hello!"

We designed a completely immersive branded foyer for Eve Events. The custom wood sign and portfolio wall art showcased what Eve Events was all about.

Eve Events Pop-up
Eve Events


Printed collateral that comes alive.

A pretty cool custom pop-up piece. A little much? C'mon... If you were looking for an event planner that creates an experience beyond your dreams, would this piece tell you that you perhaps found your gal(s)?

Eve Events

Web Site Design

A custom designed Wordpress-powered web site.

We created a custom designed web site for Eve Events.

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Eve Web Image
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