Packaging & Print Media Design

Bringing the experience of your brand to life.

Our goal is to produce unique tactile printed touchpoint experiences that convert people into customers.

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Minnesota Timberwolves Letterpres Poster
Minnesota Timberwolves

Letterpress Poster

Let's get those courtside seats sold!

Here's a 12" x 18", 2-sided letterpress VIP invite for the Minnesota Timberwolves. This piece was used to attract VIP's to an event where the Timberwolves were pitching courtside season tickets. Attendees were able to meet players and executive leadership in this very upscale, invite-only event. The piece included hand illustrated assets made specifically for the print medium – letterpress. The poster was a smash hit. Big shout out to Studio on Fire in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a great print job.

Eve Events

Business Cards

A statment business card that engages and connects.

Business cards are typically the first touchpoint between a buyer and a seller. We believe that this touchpoint is one of the most important one's when it comes to brand introduction and critical first impressions. Meet our version of a knock-your-socks-off first impression.

Eve Events Business Cards
Eve Events Business Cards
Eve Events Pop-up
Eve Events


Printed collateral that comes alive.

A pretty cool custom pop-up piece. A little much? C'mon... If you were looking for an event planner that creates an experience beyond your dreams, would this piece tell you that you perhaps found your gal(s)?

Lillan + Burg Business Cards
Lillan + Burg

Business Cards

Foiled business cards.

Custom business card design and print production using the branding we designed and a PMS-matched brand color foil.

The 612 Business Cards
The 612

Business Cards

Brass-forged, hand-etched detail.

One of the coolest cards we've had the opportunity to make. We had a brass die made with micro feather details added that poked through an black foiled front.

Colored Organics Packaging
Colored Organics


Packaging garments for point of purchase.

We designed custom packaging for Colored Organics for singles and 3-packs of garments. We utilized a die cut window to communicate the product color and provide an opportunity for customers to feel the 100% organic cotton at the point of sale.

The Hawkins

Wedding Stationery

Custom wedding stationery.

We designed custom wedding stationery for Lyndsey & Dylan. Take a look at 15-piece custom system using the finest products and methods across foiling, laser cuts, die cutting, papers and finishing.

Lyndsey Wedding Stationery Image
Lyndsey Wedding Stationery Image
Glammos Wire


Designed packaging for a bird perch.

We designed packaging for one of Glammos Wire's birding products – Paul's Perch. The challenge was creating packaging that hit on both form and function for essentially holding two different wire-only components. Glammos Wire won first place with this product packaging at a retail tradeshow. More details HERE.

ATM Network's PS Party


Spreading the word with custom invites.

We created custom designed invites to spread the word to all intended guests.

Minnesota Timberwolves