PS Party

Corporate Gala for ATM Network.

A unique corporate gala thrown by ATM Network. Our task was to throw an event and create a one-of-a-kind experience. The result was the PS Party. Take a look at how we branded and activated the PS Party for ATM Network.


Photography for branded assets.

We worked with some ATM Network acquaintances in a photoshoot to put together some visual photography assets for branding the event.

ATM Network's PS Party

Logo Design

Custom logo design.

The letters "PS" in "PS Party" stand for PostScript. We designed a logo using those letters and a resemblence of a owl.

ATM Network's PS Party


Spreading the word with custom invites.

We created custom designed invites to spread the word to all intended guests.

Web Site

Interacting with party-goers.

We created a brochure web site for referencing all-things-PS-Party at any time. Additionally, we used the web site to interact and capture RSVP's for the party.

ATM Network's PS Party

Environment Design Element

Huge large format banner.

Large format poster showcasing one of the photos from our shoot.

ATM Network's PS Party

Environment Design Element

Large-format foam core posters.

We added to the environment design by creating some floating foam core boards with imagery we captured in the photoshoot.

ATM Network's PS Party

Environment Design Element

Sponsor Board & Wall Banner

We designed and placed a sponsor board using the main brand image from the photoshoot.

ATM Network's PS Party

Event Activation

Happy guests. Happy client. Successful event.

The event was a success. We activated an event that packed the house to capacity. From the time the venue doors opened to the last track, we kept the house operating at max capacity. Our client, ATM Network and sponsors, Grey Goose, and Veuve Cliequote, were extremely satisfied with the event results.

Environment Design